A dog with a deformed face becomes a star on the Web, look at it is sublime…

A dog adopted from an animal rescue center has shot to fame on TiKTok, after his dad started sharing funny videos of the adorable crooked-faced pooch to silence callers “ugly”.

Alan is a one-year-old puppy, the result of a cross between a Saluki and a Boxer, who suffers from a severe facial deformity, which gives him his peculiar appearance. This deformity causes his nose to be twisted and tilted to the right, causing him to constantly show his lower teeth.

Despite his physical problems, several videos and images captured by his father were published on different social networks and made him an Internet star.


Crooked-faced dog is popular on the internet

The images show the playful dog sitting with his dad on the sofa and grabbing a tasty treat from the kitchen counter. He can also be seen playing with his family and foster siblings at home, and he likes to jump all over the room.

Although the dog is now enjoying his new life alongside Johanna, her husband Dan, their daughter Darcy and other rescued pets, he had a rough start to life.


Alan was found at the age of two months on the streets of Doha, Qatar, with his mother, father and his seven siblings. He was taken to a rescue center where Johanna first saw him ten months ago and decided to keep him.

Said Johanna according to the Daily Mail:

“As soon as I saw Alan and his twisted face, I knew I was going to adopt him. I couldn’t walk away, I liked it right away. »

The woman completely fell in love with Alan’s twisted head, but after a few days, she realized that everyone did not find the appearance of the little dog adorable. So she decided to show how handsome he is inside and out, via a TikTok account.


His family’s intention is to show people that Alan is happy and has a normal life like any other dog. Alan’s videos of living the high life have made him famous on the internet. It already has more than 140,000 followers and over a million likes.

Impressed by Alan’s fame, Johanna hopes the dog’s TikTok will encourage more people to adopt dogs with special needs.


Johanna commented:

“I’ve had a lot of nasty comments about Alan’s appearance. People have told me that they will give me money so that he can have an operation to fix his face, but it is impossible. »

In fact, the woman took Alan to thee veterinarian to have him evaluated for possible surgery to avoid possible respiratory problems. But after evaluating him, they concluded that there was nothing wrong with him; he was in perfect health.

To operate on Alan, you would have to break and put his nose and jaw back in place, it would be an immense pain for something purely aesthetic; it would be useless.


Johanna said:

“I also get a lot of nasty comments about his TikTok username. People find it offensive, but it’s supposed to be ironic.”

Johanna added:

“The haters can say what they want, but Alan is our dog and we know he’s handsome and really special.”

Despite people’s negative comments, they also receive thousands of positive comments that show the affection of Alan’s fans. Nowhe can’t go anywhere without being recognized, and people look at him and say, “Look, it’s Tik Tok’s dog”.


Johanna said:

“Most of the comments and messages we receive on his TikTok are very positive. People love him. He is like a natural therapy dog. He soaks up all the anxiety and stress of this year, just lay a hand on Alan and it all goes away. He doesn’t know what he looks like, so he doesn’t mind, he’s a happy little dog.

The woman also said that puppies adopted from shelters turn out to be the most amazing dogs because they will always be grateful to their adoptive family.

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