A family looks out the window and notices that their elderly dog ​​is not alone

Bailey is a dog who has always been known for her sweet nature and knows that giving love to others is her own reward. Every day, she makes it a point to show her family how loving she is, and even though she was rescued from a difficult life, she is ready to give lots of love.

When she was only two years old, Bailey was rescued by Arthur and his family in 2007 because the female dog was being used for breeding. She may have given birth to many litters of puppies, but she always had to be separated from them because she was in a kennel.

But today, at the age of 17, the adorable dog showed that she still has a mother’s love in her heart and that he can still shine with his loyalty.

© Arthur

A dog takes care of a homeless cat

It all started when Bailey and her family moved to a new country house a few months ago to start a new life.

Shortly after moving in, Bailey’s family noticed a small feral cat living in the back of the house. They decided to leave him some foodbut they never saw the kitten roaming the garden again.

However, they were still keen to find out what had happened to the feline and apparently the dog was also keeping watch in the backyard.

female dog
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Arthur told The Dodo:

“Bailey was hanging out in the backyard to see how everything was going. »

His behavior was strange, as his visits to the garden were constant and long. So his family decided to look out the window to find out what was going on.

When they looked, Bailey was curled up on the porch, but she wasn’t alone – next to her was the feral kitten. By all indications, the cat was Bailey’s new friend and felt safe in the company of his new “adoptive mother”.

Arthur added:

“Bailey has never befriended a wild animal before. It shows how loving she is. She has always been extremely sweet. »

© Arthur

Seeing that the dog had gained the trust of the cat, they decided to follow her example and welcomed her into their hearts. The family named the cat Kitten, and didn’t hesitate to make him a new member of the household, to give him all the attention he needed.

Arthur commented:

“Kitten now lives indoors with everyone. He follows Bailey everywhere, almost like he’s her puppy – you could say he’s part of the family now! »

Perhaps, for the first time in her life, Bailey would not just be a temporary mother, but finally for the rest of her life.

The 17-year-old dog was finally going to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother and, it seems, her love for the wildcat turned out to be a lifesaver. As the harsh winter approached, the kitten was unlikely to survive, but luckily Bailey came into her life.

© Arthur

Thanks to Bailey’s sweet gesture, Kitten can now have a second chance at life.

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