A first dog park is born in the Hull sector

Dog owners in the area can now go to the Domaine Scott Fairview Parc Gamelin to walk their pets in complete peace of mind.

People have been asking for this for yearsrejoices Jeanne Camarra, member of the board of directors of the Association of dog parks of Hull, who believes that the sector was ripe for this type of installation.

Jeanne Camarra, member of the Board of Directors of the Hull Dog Parks Association, was present at the announcement on June 15, 2022.

Photo: Radio-Canada

The city has evolved. It is a city that is spread out and more and more, there is urban density, which means that people may have less access to a fenced yardshe explains. So dog parks are becoming essential in this new, more urban environment. […] Quietly not quickly, this need has grown over the years.

It makes them happier dogs who are ultimately better fellow citizens. There are many advantages to having dog parks. »

A quote from Jeanne Camarra, member of the Board of Directors of the Hull Dog Parks Association

A dog park like this allows people to exchange tips, develop their skills as dog owners and it also allows dogs to exercise physically, which generally reduces aggression, whether towards other humans or the other dogsadds Ms. Camarra.

The new dog park also includes an exercise area for small dogs, a first in Gatineau.

A long-term job

Jeanne Camarra describes the project as long-term work. She also pointed out that the idea of ​​a dog park in the Hull sector was supported and defended in part by Councilor Louise Boudrias several years ago.

The elected representative of the Parc-de-la-Montagne-Saint-Raymond district announced five months ago her temporary withdrawal from municipal politics because of her fight against cancer.

But Mrs. Boudrias wanted to make a public appearance on the occasion of the inauguration of the Domaine Scott Fairview located at 100 Gamelin Street.

ans qu’on en rêve. C’était important de me rendre ici et de voir le produit fini”,”text”:”Ça fait plus de septans qu’on en rêve. C’était important de me rendre ici et de voir le produit fini”}}”>We’ve been dreaming about it for more than seven years. It was important to get here and see the finished productshe said.

A neighborhood ceremony is scheduled at the dog park on June 18, but several residents of the area did not wait for the official opening to go and enjoy the premises.

I love it, it’s the most beautiful dog park in the region, in my opinion. We’ve been waiting for it for years and finally we have itrejoices Yvette Martin. It’s something good. Our dogs have fun with other dogs and that makes us walk more.

Jocelyn Blondin, municipal councilor for the Manoir-des-Trembles-Val-Tétreau district, was also delighted with the opening of a dog park in the area.

It comes to serve [le] Hull sector. It is well located. It’s good news. It’s the first and it probably won’t be the last either.he said at the inauguration of the park on Wednesday.

With information from Marie-Jeanne Dubreuil

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