A fisherman films an orca near the coast

For scientists, it would probably be… a simple magnifying effect of social networks Less than a month ago, a yachtsman posted a video on Facebook of a humpback whale, encountered off Courseulles-sur-Mer ( Calvados). A few days ago, a professional fisherman from Grandcamp-Maisy captured an exceptional moment not far from there.

An orca has pointed the tip of its fin about twenty miles (about 30 kilometers) from the coast, reports the Gecc, the study group for cetaceans in Cotentin and marine mammals in the Channel Sea. The animal approached a few hundred meters from the fishing vessel:

A male looking for love?

The size and shape of the fin attest that it is an isolated male killer whale. “A mammal looking for love? », wonders Actu.fr. Hard to say but the animal is able to travel long distances.

“The English Channel is a passage zone between the North Seas and the Atlantic. So I think there always has been. We have the impression that the phenomenon is more common, but nowadays there are more images, and they circulate more. There is therefore nothing scientific”, estimates on the local information site Gérard Mauger, the vice-president of the Gecc.

One of the last sightings at sea off the English Channel dates back to 2013, according to the archives of associations dedicated to wildlife.

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