A fisherman makes a funny discovery in the mouth of a catfish (Video)

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published by Camille Lepeintre on 20 Apr 2022 at 7:00

We knew the fish full of surprises, but fisherman are constantly making unusual discoveries. If recently, one of them is to find in the presence of an extremely rare fish 4 meters long, a russian fisherman has for its part made a find for the less amusing.

This fish did not eat its prey

You remember the russian fisherman who found a baby dragon in the norwegian sea? well Roman Fedortsov, 39, has again made an unusual discovery. he fished a fish two in one ! It’s in a video posted on his account instagram, @rfedortsov_official_account, that the native of Murmansk, in Russia, shared its treasure with its Internet users. In the pictures you can see a big catfish and in his mouth, a haddock. Roman Fedortsov, wearing his pair of red gloves, shoots the little fish. Subscribers will unfortunately only be able to see the animal’s head, as the predator has already digested the rest of the body.

In video captionthe fisherman declares: The catfish had recently eaten haddock, in this case it had been swallowed, but had not had time to digest. Very often, when cutting large fish, we find in their stomach small fish that are a little overcooked » .

Internet users are amazed

The published video March 24, 2022 harvested over 6000 likes. Users also expressed their reaction in comments: “ I still fear, ”says a follower. ” It was a good last meal for the fish! another says. ” Double RIP “, has fun on his side a surfer.

Another Instagram user shared a similar experience in writing : ” As a child, my grandfather had a pike, there were 12 small ones inside. All the way through just like a tin of sprat”. Roman Fedortsov seems to be used to this kind of meeting. He always shares photos and videos on his account to 651k subscribers.

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