A French actor has died after jumping into a sulfur hot spring while trying to save his dog in Mexico

Dog: For animal lovers, it goes without saying to take care of them and always keep them healthy. If we see them in difficulty, we will not hesitate to help them. And even many other people are ready to give their life so that their pet company does not suffer an accident or illness.

Pablo Manuel Fustec was French actor in Mexico. He lived at home with three dogs he adored, and didn’t go out if he couldn’t be accompanied by his pets. Thus, all his walks were with his three dogs – they were almost inseparable!

© Sophie Fustec

A few weeks ago, while Mr. Fustec was walking with his pets in Zinapécuaro, Michoacán, one of his dogs fell into a sulphurous hot springs well. The despair of this young man was immense when he saw that his dog was in trouble and risked losing his life.

That’s why he didn’t hesitate for a second to throw himself into the well, almost instinctively, to save his dog before it was too late.

However, this impulsive and heroic act was not the best decision for the young French actor, as the temperatures and the sulfur from the hot springs of the well, within seconds, burned his body.

Doctors arrived at the scene and rushed him to hospital. But unfortunately, the efforts of this kind-hearted man were not enough, because Sasha, the Great Dane dog he had previously rescued and adopted during an earthquake, died almost immediately.

© Sophie Fustec

Fustec had been burned on 70% of his body and his condition was critical. This did not frighten him, on the contrary, it pushed him to cling to life during his hospitalization. Unfortunately, on July 6, his body couldn’t take it anymore and he went into cardiac arrest, which led to his death.

Her story was leaked on social media a few days earlier, and thousands of people sent her a final farewell message. They left him pictures of the good times spent with him and very sweet parting words. Despite this unfortunate loss, the French actor leaves us a great example of love for animals.

© Sophie Fustec

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