A giant bridge will be built in California to allow animals to cross the highway

© Coolcaesar/Wikimedia Commons

Signs indicating that wild animals may cross are often posted on highways. Unfortunately, these simple indications are not sufficient to prevent accidents. In California, the authorities are preparing to build a huge overpass allowing animals to cross over a highway.

Beth Pratt, conservation manager at the National Wildlife Federation, says the bridge will allow big cats, coyotes, deer, lizards, snakes and other wildlife to roam freely in the wild and have a better access to food and potential mates.

Work will begin on April 22 and should be completed in 2025. California will invest more than $90 million for its construction. Connecting the two parts of the Santa Monica Mountains, it will be 64 meters high and 50 meters wide. In particular, it will allow animals to safely cross a ten-lane highway, which is one of the busiest in the world.

It should be noted that this type of infrastructure already exists in France. You can actually find many toadstools, allowing amphibians to cross without running any risks, in France.

Kanto AndriamanjatosonApril 21, 2022

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