A giant spider soon in Canada?

A giant Japanese spider that is already invading the United States could be coming to Canada, an expert says, though he doesn’t think there is cause for alarm just yet.

The Joro spider could easily smuggle onto cars and trucks, Andy Davis, a University of Georgia researcher and co-author of a study on this invasive spider found in the United States, told Global News.

Since arriving in the United States in 2013, new research suggests the invasive arachnid may be spreading across much of the East Coast.

That means it would make its way to Canada within the next two years, according to Davis.

“Maybe the spider won’t be able to survive, or maybe it will, but I can definitely see a spider coming to Canada,” the researcher said.

“She was first discovered near a major highway, which is why we believe she arrived in Georgia by container. And since then it has spread through most of the upstate, and now two or three other nearby states,” the expert said.

According to him, the Joro spider is quite harmless to people and pets, and very shy.

“They couldn’t even bite you if they wanted to, so no matter what, they’re pretty harmless,” Davis said.

Mr Davis expressed that it was too early to know for sure if the Joro spider would harm the local ecosystem.

“We don’t really have hard data on this. For the record, it seems that the Joro is not causing havoc at the moment, like other invasive species,” he said.

Mr Davis went on to say that the Joro spider could even serve as an additional food source for native predators, such as birds.

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