A Google AI facilitates searches by combining images and words

Google has just announced the launch of a new tool called “multisearch”, which allows Internet users to carry out searches by combining photos and text. A feature powered by artificial intelligence to help people find what they’re looking for in more intuitive ways.

In the example mentioned by Google, a user takes a photo of a dress model using Google Lens and adds to the image search a keyword stipulating a different color in which she would like to find this article. Multisearch not only finds images of similarly styled green dresses, but also provides options to purchase from stockists.

To use this tool, open the Google app on Android or iOS, tap the Lens icon to take a photo or view an image saved in a gallery. Next, swipe up to view the list of results and tap the “+ Add to your search” button to type in additional text. No need to search for this feature on your smartphone, it is currently being tested in beta version in the United States by English-speaking users.

CNET.com article adapted by CNETFrance

Image: Google