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Henry Torres? No. Henry Torrent! He would thus bear his name exactly. So Eugène Merle begins his article, on May 11, 1926, in Paris-Evening. He pursues :

“The sentence, yes. Words, yes.

But this sumptuous finery, this adjustment to the regular, ornate and flowery rhythms, are there only to envelop the ideas with regard to which the respectful cult of Torres, an unrepentant miscreant, borders on the most absolute of devotions. »

In this second half of the 1920s, the lawyer Henry Torres (1891-1966) was already immensely famous. As historian Nicole Racine points out: Very quickly he made a name for himself by beginning to defend militants of the extreme left; he thus began a great career as a lawyer where he pleaded in many political cases […] “. Newspapers, magazines and other periodicals all agree to underline his qualities of eloquence and the force of his verb.

But if he uses words in his profession as a lawyer, if he knows how to handle them there, if he knows how to love them there, he relishes them so much that they lead him into the columns of the newspapers. Newspapers with which he began his collaboration years ago: at The truth, for example, of which he was general secretary and where he held in 1918 a column “For the hairy ones” then “Sketches of audience”; where he delivered stories, too. AT Humanityof which he was a member of the Editorial Committee for a time and where, in 1921-1922, he was in charge of a “Polemics” section, in which he dealt with legal or judicial questions,…


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