A great student litigator at DS Avocats

Victoria Cormier


Victoria Cormier

It is in January 2023 that Victoria Cormierwho has just finished his studies at the University of Sherbrooke, will begin his internship at DS Avocats Canada, in Quebec.

And she gets there through the front door, she who has just been part of the champion team of the Laskin 2022 moot court competition.

A news that the firm wanted to highlight on social networks, congratulating the future lawyer for her performance in the 2022 competition.

“And I’m all the happier to join DS Avocats since the firm has just asked me to join them as a student for the summer,” she explains.

DS Avocats has some forty lawyers in its offices in Montreal and Quebec City, and specializes in civil, commercial and corporate law, particularly in supporting companies with international aims. The French firm has some 400 lawyers, spread over 21 offices located in 14 countries.

The future intern won, with her colleague Harold Martinthe title of “Best Pair of Litigators” of the moot court competition, while she and her colleagues won the prize for the best law school as well as the 3rd best dissertation.

“The problem before us was one of prison law, with issues of constitutionality and procedural fairness. Victoria Cormier and Harold Martin, as appellants, were to present grounds of appeal to the final instance – a “mock” Supreme Court – from “mother” decisions rendered in the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal.

While the research and drafting of the appeal briefs required several months of preparation, the pleadings took place over only two days. Armed with a comprehensive summary of the evidence presented in court, which covers all the adjudicative facts of the case, it was up to the participants to “determine the extent to which an appellate court can draw conclusions from the evidence”, can we read in the contest rules. Student litigants could not offer additional evidence, studies or reports.

This year, 68 students from 17 law schools across Canada participated in the competition. They had to write briefs and plead the cause before real judges and from all the provinces. Victoria Cormier finished 20th among individual litigants. The competition was chaired this year by the Honorable Mahmud Jamalof the Supreme Court.

“It gave me a taste for litigation, and it is precisely Me Anne-Marie Bonin-Lavoie who will be my internship supervisor, and who can give me the benefit of his expertise in civil and commercial litigation. That said, the internships offered by DS Avocats offering a rotation between areas of practice, Victoria Cormier expects to be able to address several aspects of the law and its practice.

Already, she says she is blessed to be able to take advantage of the integration efforts that the firm is making for her. “It’s an office that I like, we know that DS involves a lot of its interns and students, and I’m already paired with an intern,” she says with satisfaction.

She will begin her bar in the fall.


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