A Greenland shark spotted for the first time off the coast of France

This is a first on the French coast. A Greenland shark was observed off the island of Ouessant (Finistère) on Saturday. The animal is usually present in deep and polar waters, reports Ouest-France. It was a walker who photographed the shark, which is about seven meters long, before sending the images to the Apecs association, which specializes in marine biodiversity.

This is formal: it assures our colleagues that the specimen struggling in Breton waters is indeed a Greenland shark. A few individuals have already been spotted in France, but each time they were stranded dead animals.

Found dead in the UK?

It is extremely rare to see this type of shark at less than 200 meters deep. It is sometimes visible in Scotland or Iceland.

The shark immortalized on Saturday in Finistère could also be the one who was found lifeless a few hours later on a beach in Cornwall, United Kingdom.

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