A group of death for the Blues?

France may have the assurance of being in hat 1 in the draw for the World Cup, Didier Deschamps’ men are not immune to a complicated draw.

It is now a certainty: France will be among the teams in the first hat in the draw for the World Cup on April 1. Fifa announced on Tuesday that except for Qatar, also placed in hat 1 as host country, the distribution in the four hats will be made according to the FIFA ranking. Third behind Belgium and Brazil, the Blues therefore know what to expect.

But despite this seeded status, France can clearly fear a complicated draw. Because if the Blues are guaranteed not to face Belgium, Brazil, Argentina, England, Spain, Italy or Portugal, hat 2 should look great with Germany and the Netherlands. Low in headliners, but also Denmark, Switzerland, Croatia and probably Uruguay, the United States and Mexico.

A hard band is possible but not a death band

If pots 3 and 4 will obviously be less dense, they should nevertheless include some pitfalls like Algeria, Cameroon or Nigeria which, if they qualify, will emerge in pot 4, or Senegal, Serbia, already qualified, Poland or Sweden in hat 3. So many teams that will be dangerous opponents. A group with France, Uruguay, Sweden and Algeria will not be easy, nor will a group with Germany, Senegal or Ecuador.

However, such a hen might lack a bit of prestige to inherit the group of death label like group E with Denmark, West Germany, Scotland and Uruguay in 1986, from the group with England, Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica in 2014, from group F with England, Argentina, Sweden and Nigeria in 2002 or from the group Netherlands, Argentina, Côte d’Ivoire and Serbia in 2006.

We Global Football Projections

Possible hat 1 (in order of Fifa ranking): Belgium, Brazil, France, Argentina, England, Spain, Portugal, Qatar

Possible hat 2: Denmark, United States, Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, Croatia, Uruguay

Possible hat 3: Wales, Iran, Senegal, Morocco, Serbia, Japan, South Korea, Poland

Possible hat 4: Peru, Nigeria, Tunisia, Canada, Algeria, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Panama

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