A hairless female dog is transformed into the sweetest and happiest girl, it’s sublime


Mikita is a hairless dog who lived on the streets, specifically on a reservation in South Dakota, USA, when a rescuer from Lightshine Canine first saw her, her situation was concerning because her skin was too red as if it were meat, she was too hungry and she could barely move.

At the time, the man who rescued her couldn’t even describe what kind of dog Mikita was, because she was very hairless. A volunteer from Happy Tails Rescue decided to give her a foster home and started treating her scabies.


Gradually, clumps of gray and white hair began to grow around her body, and although she still had a long way to go, they noticed that she was a Husky.

Hairless female dog gets very hairy


Jessi Sova had been looking for a companion for her rescued Husky dog ​​for several days when she heard about Mikita’s story. While browsing the internet, Jessi came across a Facebook post that chronicled Mikita’s situation and knew she had to meet her immediately.

Jessi told The Dodo:

“I received my application to be an approved adopter and I made an appointment. She was so small and just the sweetest of little things. My son came with me to meet her and we both fell in love. »

female dog

The pup’s luck seemed to turn around as the woman decided to adopt him and give him a forever home, but he was left with a challenge. As Mikita slowly recovered, Jessi realized that something was wrong with the pup’s back, as he wasn’t moving well.

Also, whenever she wanted to play or it was time to go to bed, these events were very painful for Mikita and the expression on her little face showed it.


It was like having a little baby in the house, as Jessi woke up several times a night to find what she needed.

Jessie commented:

“One night I woke up to see her screaming and she couldn’t keep her hind legs under her to get up. A friend took us both to the emergency vet”.

After undergoing several medical examinations, Mikita was diagnosed with discoenpondylitis, a rare infection that directly affects the vertebrae of animals. He was given antibiotic treatment and from then on nothing could stop him from becoming a happy animal.

female dog

She was constantly looking to have fun and play with her family, as she always had, and her beautiful gray and white coat continued to grow very quickly.

Jesse added:

” [Aller chez le] emergency vet was really his starting point”.

female dog

Although it took her a while to gain strength and stamina, her back no longer curves too much and she moves much better.

His fur is getting longer every day, but Jessi says it hasn’t fully grown out yet, so it will be fluffier. The woman feels lucky to have Mikita in her life, and of course the dog is happy to know how much he is loved.

female dog

After being a homeless dog with an uncertain fate, thanks to her rescuers, Mikita will be able to enjoy the life she so deserved.

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