A happy dog ​​is seen helping his master carry a potty, it’s beautiful

Dog: One day, Alejandra Eraso, who lives in Tangua in Colombia, shared an adorable video. A dog helps his master to carry objects.

Dogs know how to return the affection they receive of their masters, and a small canine with a brown coat and white spots knew how to return his master’s affection by helping him carry a saucepan.

This dog helps his master with everything she needs.

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In the video, you can see the woman turning the corner with her hands loaded, and the dog, in order not to overload her, helped her as best he could. Very cute !

Walking through the streets of the city, he never showed fatigue or discouragement in helping her.

The TikTok post has garnered over 258,000 views, 29,000 reactions and thousands of comments from netizens dazzled by the dog.

Unfortunately, the video is not available at the moment. Most likely it was deleted or the account that uploaded the video to Tiktok was deleted. What would you think if you saw a dog carrying a potty behind its master down the street?

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You probably have stories like this about your dog too. Dogs always surprise us in some way or another by their love and madness. They are amazing animals and they will do anything for you.

We hope you liked this story and enjoyed it as much as we did. We really love seeing dogs do things like that. They are adorable.

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