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The gendarmes and the members of the Brigitte-Bardot Foundation rescued a horse, six dogs and a rabbit in great danger due to lack of proper care. Their owner, a 24-year-old woman, explained that she did not have the financial means to feed them properly. The animals were taken from him.

The animal was painful to watch. This draft horse was skin and bones. The quadruped left in a field by its owner in Lanta (31) weighed just over half of its normal weight, i.e. 250 kg. With such deficiencies, the horse’s chances of survival were slim. Especially since nearby there was neither water nor food for the poor beast.

At the end of June, alerted to the situation by local residents, members of the Brigitte-Bardot Foundation, accompanied by Marc Mengaud, the mayor of the city and by a veterinarian, went to the site. When they noticed the horse’s condition, they contacted the owner, a 24-year-old woman. She denied them access to her house and did not want to talk about her ability to care for her animal. The association’s inspectors could still see a couple of dogs inside the house, which were also visibly in poor condition. The young woman seems to realize that the horse cannot survive without food and sends it to a horse boarding house so that it can regain its strength while waiting to find a permanent solution. Some time later she picks it up.

The horse has gained weight and seems out of danger. Except that the young woman, probably totally bogged down by financial constraints, manages to hide it. The gendarmes of the Lanta Brigade, who had to check the animal’s state of health, found its trail on October 12 thanks to the assistance of the Brigitte-Bardot Foundation. He somehow survives in a meadow in GaurĂ©, a very small village east of Toulouse.

The prosecutor orders the seizure of the animals

The public prosecutor authorizes the prefecture’s gendarmes and veterinary services to seize the horses. The soldiers search the young woman who lives with her mother. They enter the residence, a former police station, which is in a totally unsanitary state. They discover six dogs and a rabbit in a cage in very poor health. They have not been abused in any way, but lack care to that extent. The owner is in custody. She explains that for financial reasons she was unable to maintain her animals properly. She will be summoned to court when the veterinary service’s report is prepared. The horse, the canines and the rabbit were cared for in different structures.