A huge metal door falls and crushes two children and a dog! The images are unbearable… (video)

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published by Lauryn Bikile May 15, 2022 at 10:30 a.m.

The sentence saying that we must always keep an eye on the children, takes on its full meaning in this video… Indeed, while three children pull the handles of two large metal doors to get out of their house, one of them will let go and fall on two of the three children presentas well as on the dog that accompanies them. Check out the video below.

In China, a metal door falls on two children and a dog!

This video gives the chills…. While many childhood accidents occur every day, this one sadly completes the long list that already exists. Indeed, in the video above, we can see three children, a little boy and two little girlswere trying to open the entrance to the house where they are, which is therefore closed by two huge red metal doors. For this, they set out to pull the handles of these doors without imagining the drama that was about to happen…

In this case, one of them will suddenly falling backwards on the two little girls and the dog accompanying them. Panicked, the little boy who was with them is therefore immediately left to inform his father of this accident. The latter was therefore able intervene by lifting this huge door and thus allow the two little girls to be able to go out.

Despite these terrible images, fortunately, no one was seriously injured!

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