A hundred sharks devour a humpback whale (VIDEO)

In Australia, a fisherman managed to film a huge school of sharks feeding on the carcass of a humpback whale. The video went viral on social media.

It is an impressive sight attended by John Clocke. This Australian, who was fishing near the south coast of the country, was attracted by a mass which was on the surface. As he approached, he realized that it wasa whale carcass being nibbled by a huge school of sharks.

A humpback whale of about fifteen meters

John Clocke and his girlfriend, Indy Crimmins, did not expect to come across so many sharks while going fishing this month. But while they were 30 kilometers off the coast of Albany, in southern Australia, they noticed something strange: flocks of birds flying above some sort of mass.

The two Australians then deployed their drone to understand what attracted the birds. And that’s when they realized thatthey were in front of a humpback whale carcass. According to them, the corpse was about fifteen meters long, and it was the joy of a school of white sharks, who came en masse to enjoy this free meal.

Countless White Sharks

This fisherman could have been shocked by the violence of the scene, but he is actually proud to have been able to film this natural spectacle. “It’s a wonderful video“, did he declare. John Clocke posted his video on Instagram, and it quickly went viral. According to him, more than a hundred sharks gathered around the carcass.

Dr Steve Taylor, who conducts many studies of sharks in Australia, viewed the video and said: “For someone who works in shark research, these are very interesting pictures but not so unusual”, adding that “a whale carcass is a good opportunity to feed for many shark species in our coastal waters.”

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