A 73-year-old man was tried this Wednesday morning before the Saint-Brieuc criminal court for mistreatment of a pet and abandonment of a corpse in the wild. Secretary of the hunting society of Bréhat (Côtes-d’Armor), the septuagenarian is accused of having trapped a cat in a cage before shooting him with his rifle on April 10, 2021 on the island. He then threw the body into the sea. It was a man who was looking for his cat who witnessed the scene and alerted the gendarmes.

During his hearing, the accused first indicated that he had seen a stray cat that he wanted to adopt. According to him, the cat being in poor condition, he would then have followed the advice of a veterinarian who would have advised him to euthanize it on the spot. Defended by Maître Grillon, the Stéphane Lamart associations and the National Society for the Defense of Animals have instituted civil proceedings in this case.

At the end of the hearing, the prosecutor requested a three-month suspended prison sentence against the hunter as well as a ban on keeping an animal for five years and a withdrawal of his hunting license for three years. The decision will be made on June 15.