A jaguar captured in Montjoly in a private garden

This morning, a jaguar was found in the garden of a private individual, avenue Tropicana in Rémire-Montjoly. On the spot, to capture the animal, a team of veterinarians, agents of the French Office for Biodiversity, and the amazed owners of this unusual discovery.

A jaguar, near his garden, is the adventure of the day, for Arletty Ho-Bing-Huang. The jaguar was walking, in Montjoly, near the road to the beaches, and there, the dogs of the subdivision gave the alert.

Looking for the jaguar in the mango tree

©Catherine Boutet

Neighbors challenged, by the noisy activity of our four-legged friends, went to see what was happening, thinking of recovering a dog, climbed into a mango tree.

They call the veterinarians to retrieve the dog, and there, we discover a young jaguar, at least 60 kg.

sleeping jaguar

©Catherine Boutet

The owner is warned, the veterinarians urgently call the French Office for Biodiversity, which is used to recovering felines, but rarely, in a garden.

He had to be put to sleep, two doses were needed, the whole team is taking “small care” to identify him and secure the animal.

Sleeping Jaguar, being identified

©Catherine Boutet

The jaguar will be released in the forest, far from the houses, towards the “Petit-Saut” dam, where he will surely be able to spend happy days, far from the stress of civilization.

Manual weighing of the jaguar

Capture of a jaguar in a garden of Rémire-Montjoly

©Guyane the 1st

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