A jogger chased by a buzzard in Theux

Be careful, if you jog near woods, you could be worried by a buzzard. And as it is a raptor, you have to be vigilant.

A jogger from Theux just experienced it this weekend: he was chased by a buzzard, fortunately without consequence. Hence these questions: is the danger of injury really important, and what to do if you come across a buzzard?

The more nervous buzzards during the nesting period

David Archambeau was jogging near Mont-Theux when suddenly, out of nowhere, a buzzard appeared: “I started to run a little faster” he remembers. “At that time, I started to be a little scared, especially since the bird still has a wingspan of one meter. It was after 500 meters that it let go of me. When I had even very lucky not to have been hit by its claws or its beak.”

More fear than harm in this case, but vigilance is still required: meeting a buzzard is not without danger. “It’s a raptor. It has a beak, it has talons, it can still hurt. You have to be careful” explains Serge Tiquet, animator at Natagora Li├Ęge-Luxembourg.

It’s more bullying

And especially at this time, because from March to the end of May, it is the nesting period. Nozzles are more nervous: “Like all moms and dads, they will tend to protect their little ones. It’s not specifically attacks. It’s more of a bullying move.”

But as for our jogger from Theux, it’s not very reassuring. So, in such a situation, how to react? Serge Tiquet replies: “As soon as you feel that you are showing interest around the buzzard, slow down, walk calmly, take the opportunity to take a break, breathe. And then, in case of intimidation from the buzzard, protect your face and walk away calmly rather than running even faster.”

Not enough, however, to create a psychosis: injuries caused by nozzles on a walker are rather rare.

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