A kitten born with 2 faces drinks milk from both mouths

2-faced kittens, also called cats of Janus in reference to the Roman god of the same name, generally do not survive more than one day. However, this one is doing wonderfully and defies the odds to the delight of its owner.

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Anuwata 29-year-old woman who resides in the province of lampang in the north of the Thailandis the proud owner of Cata gorgeous alley pussy.

Sunday July 17, 2022, the young feline lady gave birth to her litter. If the first baby was born naturally without difficulty, Anuwat noticed that everything was not going normally for the second.

Cat was in a lot of pain and obviously the little one’s head was stuck. The caring mistress therefore immediately drove the mother to the veterinary clinic. Which performed an emergency caesarean section.

That’s when the team realized that the stranded kitten actually had 2 faces. He was safe and sound and Cat also. Besides, she was also the new mother of 3 other perfectly normal hairballs.

slim chance of survival

Generally, cats janus do not survive more than 24 hours. But this one, which has received a first name for each of its faces (Tung Ngern (money bag) and Tung-Tong (bag of gold)), shows an incredible strength to live.

The whole little family went home. Tung Ngern and Tung Ton are bottle-fed because they still have trouble holding their heads up.

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“I have hardly slept since the birth of the Janus kitten. It’s as much responsibility as having a human baby. They need constant attention”said the young woman to AllThailand.

Anuwat think everything will be fine. She refers to the feline janus appointed Frank and Louis born in 1999 in the Massachusetts to United States. The animal had indeed carried like a charm until the age of 15 years.


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