A kitten who doesn’t like people or other cats is adopted by a herd of cows, beautiful

Daisy is an adorable kitten who doesn’t seem to like humans. The cat was taken in by a shelter twice before the age of seven months. She was brought to the RSPCA as a tiny kitten, and although she was adopted, she found herself there alone four weeks later.

Daisy has very specific interests and tastes. Indeed, not only does she dislike humans at all, but she also doesn’t get along with other cats, so families have come to find too difficult to have him in their custody.

Luckily for this wonderful kitten, farmer Ruth Grice decided to take her in and give her the home she so desired. So Daisy was accepted by a group of cows and even sleeps in the hay with them.


Ruth told Metro:

“She has found a warm place in the calf shed and is now very happy. She is very well settled. We are very happy to have adopted it”.

A kitten is adopted by cows

Ruth has her farm in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England. She knew what she was getting into by adopting Daisy, and that her family didn’t expect her to have much contact with humans. Ruth remembers Daisy’s first encounter with the calves as very sweet, they sniffed and greeted each other in a very friendly way; they are now a family.


Finding an ideal home was complicated for this little asocial cat, luckily she came across Ruth and her wonderful cows.

Ella Carpenter, director of the RSPCA’s Radcliffe Animal Centre, said:

“Just as people have individual needs and personalities, so do cats. These cats come from very diverse backgrounds. They may have been poorly socialized when they were very young kittens and didn’t have the right kind of interactions with people. They may view people as a threat and find their behavior unpredictable, destabilizing and undesirable.”

She adds that in some cases, like Daisy, they do well in an open environment where they have food, shelter and a caretakereven if it is remote.


According to the specialist, there are many suitable environments where this may be the case, such as stables, farms and large gardens. And of course, that’s exactly what Daisy needed to be happy.

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