A lawyer accuses the prosecutor of Versailles of having covered up police violence


The prosecutor of Versailles is accused by a lawyer of having covered up acts of police violence and of having had the main witness of this violence convicted by trapping him, franceinfo learned on Wednesday January 26, confirming information from the weekly. The chained Duck. In a letter, which franceinfo was able to consult, Maître Yassine Bouzrou asks the Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti, to open an administrative investigation or to seize the Superior Council of the Judiciary.

The case he denounces dates back to November 7, 2021, in La Selle-Saint-Cloud (Yvelines). Five police officers from the Chesnay police station found a runaway minor with the mother of her 15-year-old boyfriend. During this intervention, the young man “would have been hit” and “death threat”before receiving “many more shots” in police custody, explains Yassine Bouzrou in his letter to the Keeper of the Seals. The young man’s mother attended the scene and filmed it.

In this video, which franceinfo was able to watch, we actually see a muscular police intervention. “What is your name ?”asks a policeman to the young girl in the room while the young man is in the corridor of the apartment. “Who is here ?”, the mother asks her son, who does not answer and tries to return to his room. The camera does not film the next few seconds, then we again see the young man and a policeman clinging to each other. He then warns him: “Stop, I’m going to break your arm!”

The teenager is then tackled on the bed by two police officers, one of whom continues to tell him that he will “break his arm” and “the mouth” while he tries to make her a key. The other policeman is straddling the young man’s chest for almost a minute and twenty seconds, before managing to turn him around and handcuff him behind his back. He is helped by a third policewoman who holds his legs as he tries to struggle by kicking.

The mother then continues to film her son’s face, facing his mattress, while he is bleeding from the nose. “Why did you nudge me?”said the young man to a policeman. “I busted his nose because… he tried to hit me,” says later in the video one of the police officers who will also explain to the mother: “You ma’am, you stood up to the thing anyway… It’s not going to work for you.”

The Department of Justice says “to have contacted [maître Yassine Bouzrou]following the publication of the article in the chained duck, who sent a letter and the annexes by email during the day. Services are seized to analyze documents and mail”. In this letter, the lawyer explains that when the mother went to pick up her son at the end of his police custody, “She warned the police of her intention to denounce their behavior to the General Inspectorate of the National Police” (IGPN) and “showed them the video”. But the day before her summons by the police, she herself was placed in police custody for acts of voluntary violence without total interruption of work (ITT), a qualification which can be retained for psychological violence, even s there is no physical contact, assures a judicial source to franceinfo.

“Such an attitude is inconceivable and must be strongly denounced”, writes master Bouzrou. At the end of her police custody, the mother “acknowledged the facts in a criminal composition report”a procedure that allows the public prosecutor to propose a sanction to avoid a trial.

“The prosecutor of Versailles decided to judge my client by having her sign a document indicating that she recognizes the facts even though she cannot read French and she had no lawyers. It is extremely serious”

master Yassine Bouzrou, mother’s lawyer

at franceinfo

“She is therefore definitively condemned” and “could not go to the IGPN”regrets in his letter to Minister Yassine Bouzrou who therefore announces that his clients have filed a complaint for “aggravated intentional violence”, “false in public writing” and “judgment fraud”. “The Versailles prosecutor’s office has hijacked the law”estimated Wednesday with franceinfo Yassine Bouzrou, who evokes “fraudulent practices”. “It is not serious to maintain that filming under these conditions would constitute violence. Either the Versailles prosecutor’s office has no legal competence, or it instrumentalizes justice in order to exonerate and enrich violent police officers.”

A judicial source, however, indicates to franceinfo that the procedure was respected in this case. The Versailles prosecutor’s office seized the IGPN on Tuesday to find out whether this arrest was relevant and proportionate.

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