A lawyer and an inmate caught having sex at the Santé prison

A prison guard would have been challenged by the shadows projected through the window of the visiting room.

Monday, January 3 in the afternoon, a supervisor of the prison of Health (Paris) reported to his administration an incident in a visiting room. He has, in fact, surprised a lawyer making love with her client, an inmate.

According to The Parisian, who reports the case, the agent would have been intrigued by the shadows projected behind the window of the parlor, a box of two square meters simply equipped with a table and two chairs. The supervisor opens the door and surprises the lawyer and her client, a businessman who would also be her partner, having a sexual relationship.

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The prison regulations do not prohibit sexual relations with an inmate, “but it is within a highly regulated framework. It happens in family living units“, describes a source at the Parisian. In a visiting room where prisoners and lawyers meet, the procedures are not the same, the former not being searched after the interview, and undergoing a simple palpation. Consequently, any kind of embrace can also be the pretext to introduce “certain things like a phone, drugs or even a weapon“, continues the source. In the same way, a risk arises in times of Covid: “We don’t want to end up with a cluster for a game of legs in the air“.

Sanctions are possible for both partners, even if their close relationship is an element of context to be taken into account. Contacted by Le Figaro, the prosecution (informed by the penitentiary) and the Council of the Bar Association did not respond on the subject. A stay of a few days in the disciplinary section is possible for the detainee. As for the lawyer, if legal proceedings are rarely undertaken in this type of case, she could theoretically receive a punishment pronounced by the bar association.


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