A lawyer clashes with the judge “Terror of the drivers”: “I really wanted to tell him his four truths…”

Bernard Tieleman, lawyer at the Brussels bar, will never go on vacation with judge Lionel Van Damme, regularly criticized for his lack of respect during pleadings. He defends himself.

Of course, these two will not go on vacation together.

The first, Lionel Van Damme, is a judge at the police court. A dreaded “sheriff” style judge, nicknamed “the terror of the speeders”.

The second, Bernard Tieleman, is a lawyer at the Brussels Bar. When Tieleman pleads with Van Damme, the spectacle is guaranteed. Every time, it produces sparks, as surely as two flints rubbed against each other.

The lawyer is known for not having his tongue in his pocket, he who has already allowed himself to call a judge “judicial bullshit”.

Judge Van Damme is not to be outdone: his superiors must regularly remind him that if road crime can justify severity, judging a motorist does not authorize “to humiliate him, attack him or mistreat him by disrespecting him”.


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