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Maître Angélique Macrel presents her job to 3rd grade students
Maître Angélique Macrel presents her job to 3rd grade students (© L’Eclaireur-la Dispatch)

As part of the future course, Master Angelique Macrellawyer at the bar of Rouen came, Monday May 16to discover his job to the pupils of the college of Hétraie, to La Foliage.

A rich exchange with college students. Me Macrel presented her background: scientific baccalaureate, then law study in Rouen, before entering the Lille law school, the CAPA exam passed, she left for Paris to practice in a law firm.

Since 2014, she has been self-employed in Rouen, specializing in family law and criminal law.

After that, she explained to the students the world of justice, and how it works during a trial.

It’s an interesting experience. The students are curious. I’m ready to start again if I’m asked.

Master Angelique MacrelLawyer at the Rouen Bar

To make the link with the eloquence project, initiated by Cécilia Bussman, professor of classics, the students are then put in a situation of trial.

Mr. Macrel and Ms. Bussman provided a fictional case study. The students were divided into specific roles: judges, public prosecutor, civil party and defence.

After a moment of discussion, the students had to defend their client, the others had to agree on the sentences.

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In the 3rd B class, three students, Mila, Armel and Élise had done their professional discovery internship with a lawyer.

This immersion made it possible to reinvest skills acquired during the internship.

I have the impression that we did not do the same internship at all.

Elise3rd grade student

Indeed, the profession of lawyer is varied and is not limited to time in the courts. This situation appealed to the students who gladly lent themselves to the game.

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