A major survey launched among VSEs

This field survey is launched with a representative sample of VSEs to identify their insurance coverage needs.

Stakeholders in the development of the national financial inclusion strategy (SNIF) are continuing to carry out the target projects. Inclusive insurance is one of the main levers. A major field survey was therefore launched with a representative sample of very small businesses (VSEs) to identify their insurance coverage needs. This project led by the Moroccan Federation of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies (FMSAR) aims to enable insurance companies to better structure their product offer and extend coverage to this category of operators, within the framework of a dedicated strategy, in particular in favor of VSEs operating in sectors such as crafts, agriculture or commerce. This study of the needs of VSEs in terms of insurance cover was initiated in partnership with the Insurance and Social Welfare Supervisory Authority (ACAPS) and professionals.

It should be noted that the SNIF is based on 7 levers relating both to the strengthening of alternative models accessible at lower cost such as mobile payment, microfinance and inclusive insurance as well as to the expansion of banking and social security offers at the service of rural people. and VSEs, emphasizing the importance of taking into consideration the specific conditions and needs of these segments, in terms of access to financial services, information and support. Defining and accelerating the development of more inclusive insurance is the objective of the third lever of SNIF’s strategic orientations. As a reminder, last April, during the third meeting of the National Council for Financial Inclusion (CNIF), the Minister of Economy and Finance, Nadia Fettah, declared that so far “33% of the actions planned have completed and 40% are in the process of being deployed”.


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