A man adopted a mother dog and her unwanted puppies, it’s beautiful (PHOTOS)

Many people around the world adopt a dog to keep it as a friend and to love it. However, sometimes they stop loving them because they grew up or got tired of them.

This is usually caused when the animal, which they have not neutered, has young. Many female dogs are then mistreated and abandoned by those who consider themselves their masters. They are abandoned in the street or elsewhere, away from the love they once received.

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© Instagram Brady Oliveira

They have no choice but to try to survive with their puppies until a kind-hearted person finds them and adopts them. This happened in Vancouver, Canada, where a man named Brady Oliveira met a little dog and her babies who had been abandoned.

This man decided to adopt the whole family, the mother dog and the puppies.

When Brady saw a post on social media Facebook featuring unwanted puppies, he jumped in his car to pick them up.. Upon arrival, he found the puppies helpless, huddled in crates to withstand the cold Canadian snow.

© Instagram Brady Oliveira

While the mother was calm, the puppies were totally scared. Brady had to be very careful and patient to gain their trust.

But the young man managed to take them and bring them home to give them the life they deserved. The puppies were kept warm in Brady’s home. He gave them a blanket to protect them from the cold and they all slept together.

Gradually they grew fond of him and trusted that this place would be their final resting place. Moreover, they had not been separated from their mother. Brady took care of them and made sure they had everything they needed.

© Instagram Brady Oliveira

“These babies and the mom are now living the good life in Vancouver. The mother is sterilized, so there will be no more babies for her,” said Brady on Instagram. Over time, the puppies have grown strong and healthy, into a place where they are truly loved.

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