a man approaches the box and becomes furious

In a parking lot, she places a box on the ground and leaves: a man approaches the box and becomes furious

An absolutely revolting abandonment.

When you adopt a dog, it’s for life. Unfortunately, some people seem to forget this. This is precisely what happened in Ohio about three years ago in a supermarket parking lot.

Abandoned 15-year-old dog

That day, a woman simply dropped her 15-year-old pug in a box which she then decided to leave in the supermarket parking lot. She then left, as if nothing had happened. As if abandoning your dog wasn’t more serious than parting with old things…

Fortunately, the dog named Agnes was quickly found and taken to the nearest veterinarian. The latter discovered in passing that she suffered from a double infection of the ears.

Agnes was then placed in a foster family who quickly made the decision to adopt her in order to offer her a home in which to end her life, surrounded by love. As for its former owner, a 52-year-old woman, she was prosecuted for this very cruel abandonment.

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