A man carries kittens in the pockets of his bathrobe, tender Internet users proclaim him “best cat dad” (video)

Lots of cute animal videos automatically put us in a good mood. A Reddit user just shared an adorable scene: a man carries 2 kittens in the pockets of his bathrobe.

A cat lover was filmed carrying 2 small balls of fur in the pockets of his bathrobe. In a video posted on the Reddit community website by @SnooCupcakes8607, we can see the man entering the room with his precious “parcels”. One of the kittens jumps on the bed and starts to play.

His friend, meanwhile, prefers to stay in his cozy nest. After all, why deprive yourself of such a soft and warm setting? ” Alexander does not want to go out “said its owner

After a few seconds, the mustachioed youngster lets out a yawn and stretches his legs to relax. At that moment, his favorite human gently strokes one of his paws.

A beautiful relationship between man and kittens

The animals seem used to being carried like this and even seem to like it! The clip has received over 46,000 upvotes so far and nearly 600 comments have been dropped. The majority of Internet users, moved by this tender spectacle, agreed to elect this man ” best cat dad ever “, found Newsweek in an article published on April 13, 2022.

It’s really adorable “, commented a Reddit user; ” I love the way he holds his paw “, confided a second; ” This pocket kitten is so in love with him, he’s too cute “said another.

Apparently, the man standing behind the camera rescued and adopted the felines. ” After rescuing the kittens, he won’t go anywhere without them “, can we read in the caption of the video. In short, it’s a very close-knit trio!

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At the beginning of April, Woopets had relayed another video in which this same person was training to do push-ups. His coach was none other than one of his charming proteges!

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