A man was walking home one day when he suddenly noticed a small animal in the stairwell. The young man could not determine for a long time what kind of animal he was. However, this man could not leave an unfamiliar baby on the doorstep, so he decided to take him home. The strange friend is now called Lucky.

The young man began to take care of his new friend. The animal was very small, it could not eat on its own. The resourceful boy found the way out of this situation and decided to use a pipette to feed the baby with milk. Then, the animal grew, the characteristics began to be traced, indicating that the animal found was the Saber of Barguzin. Also, it was noted that the animal had a damaged hind leg.

A man found a strange little animal and rescued it.

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Lucky, which means ” fortunate ” in English. And that exactly describes his friend, because the baby was very lucky with his owner, who literally saved him from death.

The man takes care of his animal with a lot of affection and love, offering him all the comfortable living conditions. Although Lucky belongs to the category of wild animals, he feels very well in the apartment, because he has literally grown up in these conditions since birth.

This is what Lucky looks like as an adult today:

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We are happy that this story has a happy ending! And we are also grateful for the kind action of this man. It’s awesome !

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