Animals: The Irishman Allan Dixon is not a photographer like the others. He is a photographer who, before his models pose for him, becomes a close friend. This facilitated his work, allowing him to take shots spontaneous and beautifulto the point that it has earned a reputation for having the most beautiful animal photos.

His popularity has reached such a point that he is now better known in the media as “Animal Whisperer”. Among the species that have been photographed by his lens are camels, quokkas, kangaroos, sea lions…

The starting point of his career dates back to 2015 and since then he has traveled to different latitudes in order to obtain the most exuberant and funny photos with animals that are usually difficult to photograph.

The animals seem to smile at him.

Although at first glance it seems to be just a game between him and his ” models“, the reality is that it takes him a long time to interact with these animals, gain their trust and then get them to give him their best pose. There is so much complicity in his images that you think he has known them for a long time.

Alan was honored for his previously unseen beautiful images, most of which are selfies. What he seeks to convey are the similarities between the facial gestures of animals and people when they are happy. How a warm smile can’t be faked if it’s not actually felt.

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More than one media wanted to know from the photographer what was the secret of the perfect shot. And if there’s one thing he wants to point outis that he does not consider his work as a simple to use, but as a fun way to spend time with animals without causing them the slightest discomfort.

“My selfies have helped get animals adopted, help with conservation and raise tens of thousands of donations. They mean everything to me and have become my life. Useful things that make you feel like you are making a difference”explains the photographer.

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His photographs inspired more people to feel empowered to work with wild animals. He advises them: “Anyone can do it, reach out and offer your help. Even if you can help one person change, you’re on the right track.

Pictures go much further, because they show the great need for conservation of the different species. The young photographer’s wish is that there are more people willing to transform the lives of animals, however they do.

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There is no denying the incredible goal achieved by the work of Alan, who has focused his skills on the project that he is so passionate about. Positively motivate the attitude of those who contemplate his work.

Alan is convinced that now is not the time to quit, he declares “Of course, I will continue to take animal selfies”

This will not be the only project supported by Alan. While waiting to learn more about his future work, his fans will continue to enjoy the images of animals that are still so much talked about.

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