A man saves an abandoned puppy on a deserted road, now they live great adventures

This little pup named Paco was abandoned by his family on a deserted road in Arizona, but he never could have imagined that this would be the start of a great adventure. He was rescued by adrenaline junkie Chase Reinford, and skydiving has been just one of his great feats ever since.

Adrenaline Addiction: YouTube

Chase found the pup in the middle of nowhere and told UNILAD about it:

“I was on my way to Page, Arizona for a lakeside adventure. I was about an hour away and driving on a very deserted road when suddenly the car in front of me swerved to avoid hitting something. There was Paco, right in front of me. I had to brake and turn sharply. I didn’t think of crushing it. I jumped out of my car and grabbed him so he wouldn’t get hit.

Adrenaline Addiction: YouTube
Adrenaline Addiction: YouTube

A man saves an abandoned puppy in the desert

The adventurous Philadelphia YouTuber continued:

“After getting him on my bus, I wondered what I should do with him. »

Chase knew he couldn’t leave him to fend for himself, so he decided to look for his family. Not finding them, he decided to take her to the vet or to a shelter in Page, but Paco quickly won her heart.

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Chase explained:

“Once we got to Page, I had to stop at a grocery store to buy some food. I found myself buying dog supplies for Paco. »

Adrenaline Addiction: YouTube

Chase had no intention of adopting a puppy, but Paco completely changed his plans and it was the start of an adventure for both of them.

Chase recalled:

“I thought I would find him a new home after the trip because we had a tight schedule. We rented a boat, we camped, we hiked, we cliff jumped, we swam. Paco loved it! He stayed with me, which I never imagined a small dog could do. The pure joy on his face during the whole trip was magnificent.

Adrenaline Addiction: YouTube

Chase realized he belonged with Paco and they have since traveled all over the United States for Chase’s work as a YouTube star.

Paco even has his own Instagram account and Chase said why he and Paco are “perfect”:

“Most of the places I go are wide open spaces and endless desert plains. Paco’s favorite activity is running and these places allow him to run as much as he wants. He hates sitting still, and so do I. »

Adrenaline Addiction: YouTube

Paco also has the ability to climb almost anything.

the prosecution said:

“He has no problem jumping from rock to rock or climbing the side of a steep mountain. »

Chase explained that he was living his “dream lifestyle”, adding:

“My life is made up of constant travel and adventure. I am deeply rooted in extreme sports such as base jumping, skydiving, cliff jumping and snowboarding. »

Adrenaline Addiction: YouTube

This man has traveled to new places all over the world, experienced various cultures and met amazing friends.

chase said:

“Paco is an eccentric dog with a unique personality. What’s most unique about him is his ability to show many different facial expressions depending on the mood. »

Adrenaline Addiction: YouTube

Chase says he has never met a dog with so many expressions and so loyal. Paco always wakes him up in the morning with kisses on his face.

Chase added:

“He loves all the other dogs and animals. »

Paco and Chase leave for Mexico for a great adventure, and will then go to Europe to try base jumping.

Adrenaline Addiction: YouTube

If you want to know more about Paco and Chase, you can follow them on their Youtube and Instagram accounts.

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