a man says goodbye to his cat in his last moments of life with a sweet song

The story of a man who sings a song to his cat just before losing his life has moved thousands of social media users. The published video shows the affectionate gesture of a young man towards his pet, who remains by his side until the last moment.

The young man, Jhosep Delgado, originally from the Asian continent, decided to do something very touching for the dying kitten: he sang her a beautiful love song. In this video that has gone viral, we can hear a tender and sweet melody that upsets everyone.

A tribute to his cat

Accompanying his voice with the musical notes of a ukulele, Jhosep sings with emotion to his cat before he loses his life. This is the best tribute this animal could have received and a great proof of love from its master.

© Facebook / Jhosep Delgado

The lyrics he interprets, in English, are a fragment of the song “What a Wonderful World”: “The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky/Are also on the faces of people going by/I see friends shaking hands, saying: How do you do?/They’re really saying: I love you!”.

In French, the sentimental lyrics translate as follows: “The colors of the rainbow, so beautiful in the sky / They are also on the faces of people passing by / I see friends who shake hands, saying: how are you / They really say: I like you ! “.

What a Wonderful World, by American trumpeter and singer Louis Armstrong, is a sentimental classic, well suited to be dedicated to a loved one. The content of his words upsets the feelings of the listener, even making him shed tears.

The end of the video shows the young man approaching his head to that of the cat, then tenderly saying goodbye with caresses until the last moment of the feline’s life. Users of the social network Facebook, witnessed the great demonstration of love for animals, which also serves as a call to reflection.

Undoubtedly, this cat was lucky with the great love given to him by his master, until his last minute of life. For some it’s a beautiful sobering lesson. Love for a pet can be as pure and unconditional, even as great as the love that pets have for their owner.

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