A man’s viral message against his in-laws who tied their dog outside because they refused to see him in the house

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Hosting his mother-in-law for a few days, a man was outraged by the latter’s attitude towards his dog. To the point that he had to take a radical decision, which earned him to be insulted by her as by his daughter, who was the companion of the canine owner.

A user of Reddit shared his story on the community website, describing the obnoxious treatment given to his dog by his girlfriend’s mother. A story told by Newsweek.

The man in question, posting under the pseudonym ” Comfortable-Ad7073 and 48 years old, has a dog called Boots. This last ” is well-behaved and is liked by friends and neighbors “, he adds. He was in a relationship with a woman named Mariah for 2 years.

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His partner had grown up in a family that considered dogs to be kept outside. It had taken time to Mariah to get used to seeing Boots inside and had come to appreciate the canine.

User’s mother-in-law Reddit had come to visit them and intended to stay with the forty-year-old for a while. Mariah had warned his friend that his mother did not like to see dogs in the rooms of the house.

He explains that, at first, everything was fine. However, as expected, the mother of Mariah started thinking about Boots. The man replied kindly that he would not let the animal bother him, but that he was at home and that he had no intention of leaving him outside.

“She said treat him like a dog should be treated”

One morning, while they were having breakfast, the master of Boots noticed that the quadruped was not in any of the rooms in the house. When he asked his mother-in-law for an explanation, she told him: Dogs don’t belong in the kitchen, so we kicked him out “.

Annoyed, he thought that Boots was outside, but at least free in the garden. When he went out to see him, he found him tied to the fence with a rope. Out of himself, he saw his anger go up another notch when his mother-in-law told him ” that she just treated him like a dog should be treated “.

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It was too much for the father of Bootswho asked Mariah – whom he blamed for not having done anything to defend his dog – and his mother for leaving her house. They called him names for having been “chased out”.

The users Reddit having commented on the post of “ Comfortable-Ad7073 “mostly defended him, believing that he was right to have acted in this way.


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