a mayor accused of having killed a missing dog, an open investigation

A resident of Bérelles accuses the municipal councilor of having killed her husky before making the body disappear. The chosen one recognizes gunshots but denies having shot the animal.

My dog ​​was killed in cold blood by a third party“, indignant Chloé W., on the kitty launched to pay her legal costs. The young woman lost her dog Pouchka, a husky, during a walk in Bérelles (North), Saturday February 19, and accuses the mayor of the town of having killed him, reports The voice of the North .

As usual, on the weekend, Chloé went for a walk in the Bérelles forest with a friend, who also owns a husky. The animals are then not kept on a leash because “they’re not bad, we got them from the SPA. They are rather fearful“, she explains to our colleagues from The voice of the North. But very quickly, the two dogs move away from their owners. The minutes pass and, not seeing them return, the two young women head towards the town of the village calling them. One of the two quickly returns to his friend, but not Pouchka. Chloé continues her research throughout the day, helped by the mobilization of social networks.

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The body of the dog “in a bag”?

It was finally around 6 p.m. that she received a call from a resident who assured her that her dog had been killed by several gunshots.under his eyesby his neighbour, as the animal tried to enter his garden. The latter is none other than the edile of Bérelles, Orféo Rigoni, 77 years old. Still according to this informant, the mayor would have put “the body in a bag“. The young woman then rushes to the home of the sexagenarian, who admits having fired shots to scare the dogs away, but certifies that he did not kill any animals.

Asked by The voice of the Norththe mayor justifies his gesture because “the two dogs attacked [s]we flock of sheep“. But, he argues,I must have hurt him slightly since he left afterwards. For me it was stray dogs. Everything is closed in my house. If I hadn’t been there, he could have done a lot of damage. Since then, Chloé has filed a complaint and an investigation has been opened by the Avesnes-sur-Helpe prosecutor’s office. Pouchka remains untraceable.

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