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A cat was found outside, protecting her 3 kittens from the rain in a trunk. The owners and volunteers of an association have done what is necessary to offer them a better life.

A family living in the Bronxto New York to the United States, discovered a cat in her garden who was trying somehow to protect her three kittens from the rain and the wind. This makeshift habitat was not suitable for babies. Their lives were in danger.

The good Samaritans therefore moved the little family to safety and fed the starving mum before contacting the animal rescue organization of New York Little Wanderers NYC.

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A host family for a new beginning

Lisathe co-founder of the shelter, immediately thought of a host volunteer named Megan to support the small family.

Megan entrusted to lovemeow : “When Lisa was informed, she let me know straight away, because we had space. The family that found them very generously offered to put them in a transport crate and drive them to me”.

On May 7, 2022, Megan and her spouse Tyrone welcomed the tabby cat and her three baby loves. Once arrived in the cozy home, the mother immediately left the transport box to discover this warm environment. The abundance of food and caring humans definitely convinced the cat to settle comfortably in this new home.

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“She kept an eye on me when I weighed her three babies, but didn’t object to my handling them. They were all a good weight and looked healthy. She immediately trusted us.said Megan.

Today, the kittens full of life have opened their eyes and are starting to want to move on their frail legs. Thanks to the dedication of the volunteers, the whole family is doing wonderfully.

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