a mysterious snake covered with thorns filmed in Brazil

This thorny serpent is not a new species of reptilebut a boa constrictor (boaconstrictor) rather in bad shape. He seems to be writhing in pain from the dozens of quills planted deep in his body. Their owner is probably a porcupine, an arboreal rodent present in Brazil – where this scene takes place. Boa constrictors regularly attack rodents, which together with birds and lizards make up the bulk of their diet. But they’re not used to rubbing shoulders with porcupines!

As their name suggests, boa constrictors surround their prey to suffocate them before swallowing it whole. This is called constriction. In the case of the porcupine, this technique is completely ineffective since the reptile finds himself pierced by a multitude of thick thorns. Nothing tells us if the porcupine survived this attack, in any case, it left its assailant in a bad state.

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