“A neighbor tried to catch the animal, but he did not succeed”, the police called in reinforcement on the spot!

It was a happy surprise for Luk this Sunday morning. This Belgian fell on a small white kangaroo that was hopping in his garden. He immediately took his smartphone to immortalize the moment.

“It was a few hikers who told us that the kangaroo was in our garden. I tried to approach the animal. But once you are a few meters from the kangaroo, it escapes, ”he explains, as HBVL relates. Luk decided to call law enforcement to help him.

The Belgian adds that “the animal was also briefly with my neighbor opposite, who is a hunter. He tried to catch the kangaroo by placing nets. He jumped into it for a moment, but the animal was still able to escape”.

The wallaby is believed to have escaped from a private home. It is not known at this time if he has been caught or if he continues to wander in the north of the country.


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