A new Ameli online service facilitates the reimbursement of treatment performed abroad

Have you been abroad and had difficulty reporting your care because you were injured or ill? The situation will be simplified, specifies the site Previssima, all about my social protection. To allow faster reimbursement, the Health Insurance has put a brand new service online on its Ameli site.

To do this, say our colleagues, simply go to the site, log into your account and go to the “My steps” tab. Then all you have to do is select “Reimbursement of treatment abroad”. A fairly simple step-by-step to follow where the insured will only have to fill in certain information. According to Previssima, this step is aimed at the insured person who is connected, whether or not he receives the care. You can then select who they were intended for care (family members, etc.)

Response in a few weeks

The Health Insurance will then ask to be more precise as to the care provided, and the amounts paid in local currency, the country, the reason and the period of stay. You will also need to send supporting documents. If a part is missing, a message will be sent to the Ameli account. The files will be studied in a few weeks.

At the same time, the Health Insurance has warned the insured persons against fraudulent telephone calls and the sending of fraudulent emails and SMS. In March, Capital advised you to be extremely vigilant if you had received an email from Health Insurance. After the data leak of 510,000 policyholders in early March, it was advisable to be extra vigilant because the stolen information was particularly sensitive.

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