A new test for screening for dementia 9 years before diagnosis

Being able to “pre-diagnose” neurodegenerative diseases in patients at risk would offer new perspectives to researchers and open new avenues for their therapeutic trials. It is therefore on this pre-diagnosis that researchers from the University of Cambridge (Great Britain) have focused. This allowed them to develop a logic and memory test that would detect dementia between 5 and 9 years before diagnosis.

“When we reviewed the history of patients with cognitive impairment, it became clear that they had these disorders for several years before their symptoms became sufficiently apparent to trigger a diagnosis,” explained Dr. Nol Swaddiwudhipong, co-author of the study. “It’s important that we can screen those who are most at risk – for example, people over 50 or those who have high blood pressure or don’t do enough exercise – to intervene at a later stage. early to help them to reduce their risk,” he says. he added. “But also to identify more people who are suitable for clinical trials with new dementia treatments.”

What signs do the researchers identify?

The Cambridge researchers collected data from a range of tests including problem solving, memory, reaction times and grip strength. They also have (…)

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