A Parisian lawyer sentenced for hitting a pedestrian and fleeing

He is known to be, among others, the lawyer of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Judged in early January by the Lorient Criminal Court, Mathieu Davy was given an eight-month suspended prison sentence on Monday for having fled after hitting and injuring a pedestrian on a protected passage in December 2019. The court also pronounced the cancellation of his driving license with a ban on returning it for six months, and ordered him to pay 1,600 euros in damages to the victim.

At the end of the hearing, Me Davy announced his intention to appeal. At the wheel of his SUV, the 43-year-old lawyer had hit a 53-year-old merchant navy captain in the evening in Plouhinec in Morbihan. Victim of a facial cranial trauma, the pedestrian suffers from an alteration of his cognitive abilities.

Already four convictions for traffic offenses

During the hearing on January 3, Mathieu Davy admitted to having “underestimated the violence of the shock”. “I should have stopped,” he said at the helm. “If there is a shock, the only thing to do for any citizen, and even more so for a legal professional, is to stop,” insisted the deputy public prosecutor. The lawyer, who only had one point left on his driving license on the day of the accident, already had four convictions related to traffic offenses, including one, in 2003, with a hit and run. “This questions your relationship to driving and the law,” noted the president of the court. “Yes, it overwhelms me,” admitted the defendant.

The defendant’s lawyer from Lorient pleaded for release for the injuries caused. On the strength of a psychiatric report, he invoked his colleague’s impaired judgment to justify the hit-and-run. “He fled because he sensed immediate danger. He had gone home to put himself under protection, ”he pleaded.

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