A perfect Google app for a pet

Entertainment just isn’t just for humans. Google has made it possible for pets to enjoy a game as well. The invention is called “Google Arts & Culture”, a Google app for pets. It is based on machine learning and reveals animal looks in 10,000 classic works of art.

An ideal leisure for moments of relaxation

If the cat at home is the protective kind, aka the Lady of Slaughter, the Egyptian Goddess of the Rising Sun, or even a 21st century incarnation of Bastet, this app is totally for her. Using Pet portrait functionall he has to do is take a nice selfie to find his lookalike in the fine museum portraits.

A real pleasure is then at the rendezvous, both for the pet and for its master. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the pleasant function Selfie art in 2018. It was impossible not to have fun comparing the head to William II, Prince of Orange, the wife of ” Jacob Cornelisz and so many others.

It will probably be fun for a pet to see a machine learning algorithm browse thousands of works of art to find look-alikes. These works of art are in the collections muses partners of Google Arts & Culture. However, the animal may also interpret this as one more human madness. Although, the unmatched admiration for pet costumes is not discounted.

If the cat desires to find even more of its look-alikes in works of art, it can simply tap on the results to explore them in depth.

The group intruders

Almost every animal we keep has access to this amazing app: dogs, fish, birds, reptiles, horses and rabbits. Unfortunately, whoever is from from the rodent family Finds himself excluded. According to Mashable: “Downloading a stock image of a mouse returned drawings of wolves”

With the app, you can’t stop a snake from getting angry. It is the same case for the pot-bellied Vietnamese pig.

On the one hand, it’s not hard to guess the outcome for a pet ferret, even without the app.

What are the steps to follow ?

In addition to being simpleaccess to this Google application is free online. If the animal fulfills all the conditions of Pet Portraitsthe steps to follow are as follows.

First of all, launch the Google Arts & Culture app and select the Camera button. Then scroll down to the Pet Portraits option. At this stage, it involves your pet to take a selfie. A previously saved image is also suitable. And finally, wait a few seconds or minutes to receive multiple results with similarity percentages.

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