A pigeon creates an adorable bond with a puppy who needed a friend, magnificent!

Herman, a pigeon, and Lundy, a little Chihuahua, are a couple who have little in common, but who are united by a great friendship. Both have special problems, the pigeon cannot fly due to neurological damage and Lundy cannot use his hind legs.

Both are animals rescued from the MIA Foundation, a rescue organization based in Rochester, TN. New York State, which rehabilitates animals suffering from birth defects and physical deformities.

It was at the foundation that they met, when Lundy arrived, the pigeon was already in organization for a year.

A pigeon and a puppy become best friends

© Facebook/The Mia Foundation

Herman, had been found at a car dealership, where he lay motionless on the sidewalk for days, until they discovered he couldn’t fly.

Wildlife rescuers said the pigeon could not be rehabilitated and was to be put down, but Sue Rogers, founder of the Mia Foundationdecided to take charge of the pigeon and has been caring for it ever since.

Lundy’s story is short, he was sent from South Carolina by his breeders because he had trouble using his hind legs. It’s so small it can fit in a shirt pocket. Sue thinks her problem is due to a spinal cord injury.

The couple was destined to meet, one day Sue accommodated their needs and put them in the same place, where they started their beautiful friendship.

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Sue was surprised by the way they hugged each other like they knew each other before, like if they were part of the same pack.

They may be an unusual couple, but they don’t see things the same way, they’ve found a new friend in each other. Being in the same bed, they started a sort of party where they both enjoy each other’s company and like to cuddle in different ways.

Herman, who is the older of the two, seemed to know that this cute tie was just what Lundy needed. Sue took photos of the touching moment and shared them on the foundation’s Facebook page, and the reactions were quick to follow.

People from all over the world have been touched by these lovely photos and have sent donations and messages of support to the foundation. Many people are now interested in adopting Lundy or the other puppies entrusted to the foundation.

© Facebook/The Mia Foundation

Sue told CNN:

“I was blown away. Donations continue to pour in: the foundation raised $6,000 in two days. This amount is enough to cover the high cost of veterinary surgery needed by many rescued animals. »

While Herman will most likely remain in Sue’s care until the end of his life, there is hope that Lundy will remain strong and survive.

There is no doubt that the support they bring themselves mutually thanks to their beautiful friendship will be essential to their complete recovery.

Sue said:

“With animals born with defects, there is a chance that we could lose them. So we don’t want to excite people. But now I think we’ve received thousands of emails asking us never to separate those two. »

© Facebook/The Mia Foundation

The truth is that both animals were brought to the shelter with their unique needs, and they will face many challenges.

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