A professional: “The risk of losing your insurance if the technical control has not been done”

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The 2020 confinement, during which the technical control centers were closed, caused a postponement of activity for several months. Professionals in the sector call on users to be vigilant to avoid congestion in the months to come. Laurent Palmier, president of the Sécuritest and Auto Sécurité networks, answers questions from La Dépêche du Midi.

Why do you fear a traffic jam for technical control by mid-May?

We are alerting because two years ago we had maximum excitement at the end of confinement. At the time, latecomers had until June 25 to complete their check. Currently, we are certain that there will be an overactivity linked to the drop in activity that we are experiencing. Since March 17, our schedules have been almost empty and we have seen a drop of almost 80%. And the explanation is mathematical: two years ago, we were closed.

Laurent Palmier, president of the Sécuritest and Auto Sécurité networks.
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Should we fear a price increase in the coming months?

Not necessary. When there were price increases, it was related to regulatory changes. That is to say, investments in equipment, in training and evolutions over the time of control to apprehend these changes.

What are the risks for drivers who drive with an expired sticker?

If one day there is an accident and the expert detects that it is linked to the condition of the vehicle and that the date of the check has passed, it is likely that the insurance will not work. Everyone says to themselves, ‘if I miss my date, I will be fined €135 under the Highway Code’. That’s not the root of the problem. This is the risk of losing your insurance coverage in an accident. Responsible or not. The other ‘kiss cool’ effect is that when you take a fine of 135€, it is accompanied by a withdrawal of the registration certificate by the police. And if you get caught on the road to vacation, you will have to go back to the gendarmerie to prove that you have done your check if you want to get your certificate back. And that is moderately pleasant.

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