A Puppy With One Ear Looks Like A Golden Unicorn, He’s Gorgeous

Puppy: Regardless of color, size, or shape, all dogs are beautiful and wonderful. Dogs never care how we look and love us for who we are, so why should we discriminate against dogs because of their appearance?

Like humans, dogs also sometimes lose parts of their bodies, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less amazing. Here is one of those beautiful souls, Rae, which is particularly unique.

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Meet Rae, a puppy that looks like a rare golden unicorn!

She’s like any other puppy, with lots of drive and sass. I am sure you have noticed that she has a unique look and is unlike any other dog you have ever seen before.

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Following an injury accidental she had at birth, Rae lost her left ear. But, over time, his remaining right ear slowly moved to the middle and stopped at the top of his head.

It made him look exactly like (You guess it !) of a unicorn! This is how Rae got her nickname Golden Unicorn! She caught people’s attention when a video of her was uploaded on Tiktok.

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Rae became a worldwide attraction and caused a stir very quickly, making everyone fall in love of her lovely head. People loved seeing her unique look and couldn’t get enough. In fact, people wanted to get a closer look at the adorable Rae.

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Seeing that everyone loved her little Rae, her master quickly created social media accounts with Rae, calling her the Golden Unicorn – to date, Rae has over 220,000 followers on Instagram!

Rae is a beautiful and perfect pup and her injury has only made her more adorable and precious. Rae the golden unicorn has grown up and this is what she looks like today! mother

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