A rare little monkey found in critical condition in Marseille

He has a small face, eyes as big as hazelnuts, and brown hair that poorly camouflages his skeletal figure. A yellow-handed tamarin, no doubt the victim of trafficking, of abuse most certainly, was found a week ago, in the 16th arrondissement of Marseille, Saint-André district.

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By the very admission of those who have been caring for him since Monday, at the Barben zoo, the little monkey is in very, very bad condition. “He was very malnourished”says Adeline Godefroy, zoological manager at the animal park.

He is really very deformed, it’s really sad to see. Adeline Godefroy, zoological manager at the Barben animal park

A wildlife specialist arrived from Nantes

While awaiting the results of its complete medical check-up, the tamarin receives urgent Care : “He is fed, stimulated to the best of his abilities, and pampered”, assures and reassures Adeline Godefroy, supported in this task by two other veterinarians. One of them even came specially from Nantes. “A specialist in these animals”rejoices the interested party.

The tamarind must receive at least 8 days of care.
The tamarind must receive at least 8 days of care.
© SPA Marseilles

For the time being, it is impossible to know if this rare little monkey has been caught in wildlife trafficking. “Anyway, it’s unthinkable to find a beast in this condition”gets carried away Louis Pons, co-manager of the animal park of Barben.

Euthanasia not ruled out

An investigation is underway to try to find those responsible for this mistreatment. The yellow-handed tamarin is far from out of the woods. His caregivers do not rule out the possibility of euthanizing him if his condition deteriorates in the coming days.

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