A real estate agency encourages the adoption of abandoned animals by photographing them in properties for sale

In Marseille, the real estate agency Buddy’s has decided to raise awareness of the animal cause by including animals to adopt in the photos of its properties for sale.

Imagine: you browse the site of a real estate agency in order to find a home to buy, when you come face to face with a photo of a dog in the apartment of your dreams! This is what can happen if you consult the site of the real estate agency Buddy’s, in Marseille.

Photo credit: Buddy’s Immobilier

Indeed, the director of the agency has decided to include animals in the photos of his properties for sale, to encourage buyers to adopt. The dogs and cats in the photos have been abandoned and are all from shelters.

“When we created the agency, we were keen to promote charitable values. This year we wanted to help abandoned pets by putting them on our listings. Seeing an animal as part of a home allows people to project themselves”explained Jean-Mathieu Gallo, director of Buddy’s Immobilier.

Photo credit: Buddy’s Immobilier

Animals in photos of real estate

Thus, we can see dogs and cats lounging in apartments and houses offered for sale by the real estate agency. Buddy’s goal is to highlight animals for adoption in the region.

“The photo shoots were sport! There is no beauty criterion and everything is done with the agreement of the owner of the property offered for sale. We let the animal choose the place where it feels best, and we try to be as efficient as possible with one or two angles of view.explained Jean-Mathieu Gallo.

Photo credit: Buddy’s Immobilier

This initiative was set up with the association Les Ailes de PA, which collects abandoned animals. In 2017, the association saved 271 stray animals, and it now offers five dogs and around twenty kittens for adoption.

Five animals have already been adopted

Since this idea was put in place, five animals have been adopted. Among them, there is a white husky by the name of Syan, who caused a sensation with his new family.

“We recovered it when it was sold from hand to hand via Leboncoin. He had a trachea problem that required an operation. His adoption made us very happy”rejoiced Fabienne, the president of the association Les Ailes de PA.

Photo credit: Buddy’s Immobilier

This initiative works so well that the real estate agency often receives calls from clients interested not in goods… but in animals!

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