Kelsey never leaves his guide dog Lacey, a beautiful black labrador who has accompanied him on his daily adventures for 5 years. While on their way to a restaurant with a friend, they were refused entry and this caused a great wave of indignation.


Kelsey is a student ofUniversity of Oxford who would like to be able to go to a restaurant like everyone else. The young man, who suffers from blindness, recently had to leave the premises of a Japanese restaurant in the city Ramen culturedue to the presence of his guide dog.

Illustration of the article: A restaurant refuses entry to a young blind man and his guide dog

Kelsey Trevett/Twitter

As reported by BBC, the restaurant staff knew full well that they were legally obliged to accommodate their visitors, but they still refused. They preferred to offer them to eat out, something there Kelsey didn’t want to do. They then left the place, raging in their stomachs.

“I feel overwhelmed and abandoned”

The incident did not leave the young man indifferent, but he is used to going to public places with his Labrador, where everything always turns out for the best. ” These situations are really frustrating and disturbing » he expressed himself by Twitter.

He totally condemns an attitude discriminatory » and regrets that the road to progress is still so strewn with pitfalls. Users of Twitter did not hesitate to express their support and their anger towards him, and the affair quickly made noise England.

The restaurant staff asked for forgiveness

Reported in the British newspapers, this event alienated the members Ramen culture to apologize in a long message on instagram. In trying to restore their image, they have drawn the ire of netizens, who have described their behavior as ” ashamed “and D” unacceptable “.

It is an incident which has not really gone unnoticed, but which has caused so much excitement and anger that it proves that the vast majority of the population fortunately remains opposed to this kind of practice.

To finish, Kelsey, Lacey and their friend ended the evening in another restaurant in the neighborhood where they ate very well!